Mods for Hiistorical Gameplay
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MC Command Center (MCCC)
Must-have mod to increase the amount of control you have over many aspects of your game.
Srsly's Blank Save
A save file with all households and lots cleared out, and all lots set to residential.
Timeless: A World Decluttering Mod
Pandora's Simbox
Removes: city skylines, cars and planes, most post 1900 buildings and landmarks, most modern streetlights, billboards and signs, and more.
Sim Spawn Overhaul
KEEPS SIMS IN THEIR OWN WORLD! Includes many more changes to npc/townie spawning, and adds open/closed hours to community lots.
World Sim Control 11 - Empty Streets (LOGIN RQ'D)
coolspear (retired)
Stops NPC/Townie street activity, including sim & vendor spawning. OPTIONAL add-on to stop festivals as well.
Block Phone Dialog While Silenced
Blocks all phone notifications when phone is on silent.
Phone Animation Replaced with Listening Animation
Replaces phone animations with the listening animation.
Habitual Autonomous Behavior Instructions for Typical Morning
Customize your sims' waking routines, including order & actions.
Literally a Door Portal
Place two of these doors and your sims' will teleport through them. Helpful for huge lots.
Child and Teen can Quit or Rejoin School
Children & teens can quit and re-join school at your command. OPTIONAL add-on: UnlimitedPTO
Nap on the Ground
Click on yourself to nap or sleep and they will do so on the ground.
Toddler Walk Together
Toddlers can walk with chilren and older. Builds relationship, movement skill, and fun/attention for the toddler.
Copy Everyday Outfit
Makes it easier to copy everyday outfits to sims' other categories.
Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul
Changes all EA recipes to make them more realistic and immersive, expands EA recipes, adds custom recipes, and adds grocery shopping to your game!
Custom Food Interactions
The Food Group
Required for the use of various custom foods + adds interactions to appliances.
Crafting Enabler
Andrew's Studio
Enables custom content craftable items in in-game menus for things like food, drinks, paintings, woodworking items, and more.
icemunmun's Custom Foods
Many custom foods/recipies to add to your game.
icemunmun's Harvestables
Many custom harvestables to add to your game.
Custom Drink Interactions
The Food Group
Allows custom interactions that allows for making/ordering custom drinks.
Compatible Custom Drinks
Custom drinks compatible with Custom Drink Interactions.
icemunmun's Custom Bar Drinks
Adds 9 custom drinks to bars.
Lenaid's Cupboard recipes
Custom recipes for food, harvestables, woodworking, painting, etc.
Medieval Cookbook
A book object which contains custom HISTORICAL recipies that your sim can choose and make!
Grannies Cookbook
A book object which contains custom recipies that your sim can choose and make.
Foraging Mod
Includes foragable plants and trees which can be "foraged" for harvestables and wood.
Eat Harvestables Fills More Hunger
Increases the amount of hunger filled byeating harvestables.
Fish with Smaller Footprint
Increases the number of fish which can fit in display slots.
Inventory Not Shared
Makes each personal or retail storage item have it's own inventory, instead of sharing it with all other storage items on the lot.
BrazenLotus' Harvestables
Custom harvestables.
Woodworking Uses Wood
Makes woodworking tables require wood (from the Foraging mod) for the recipies.
Eat Raw Fish + Raw Food Lover Trait
Sims can eat raw fish. If they get the gameplay trate of Raw Food Lover, they would get positive buffs for eating the raw fish.
Eat & Drink Faster, Eat at Tables
Reduces the times it takes sims to eat and drink. OPTIONAL addon: Have sims prefer eating at tables.
Unspoilable drinks
Prevents water, coffee, toddler's drinks and bar drinks from becoming spoiled.
Get to Church & Spiritual Trait
Pimp My Sims
Includes a church event, pastor trait, spiritual trait, church lot trait (reward), and some new social interactions.
Better Elders Mod
Pimp My Sims
Adds traits: Doting Grandparent, Grumpy Geezer, Jaded, and a Seniors Centre lot trait. Also includes 4 new events and new social interactions.
King Zace's Harvestables
King Zace
Custom harvestables.
Functional Canning Station and Custom Canning Skill
Make preserves of your harvestables! Includes the canning table, canning skill, and retail shelves.
Functional Chicken Coop
Have your own chicken coop to get eggs to eat or sell. Includes several social interactions with the chicks!
Candle Making (Base Game)
Base game compatible candle making! Includes candle crafting table & interactions, candles, and a new skill.
Nectar Making
Make "nectar" (wine) to drink or sell! Includes: nectar maker & interactions, new skill, new nectar glasses and bottles, custom buff.
Functional Water Pump
Collect water from the pump for household & garden use!
Functional Beekeeper Box (Base Game)
Base game compatible bee box to harvest beeswax and honey for use or sale.
Retail Produce Stands
Produce stands to store and sell produce.
Stockable Crate & Barrel Displays
These can store produce and fish for display and sale.
Stockable Produce Displays
These can store produce for display and sale.
Faster/Slower Fish Catching
Change the default fishing time to 15, 6, or 1 minute(s), or 1 sim hour.
Homesteading Aspiration
Also includes the trait Green Thumb (CAS bonus) and Master 'Steader (reward)
My First Farm Animal
Kawaii Stacie
Turn your pets into farm animals! You can have your pet produce wool or milk for use or sale. (Also get TheKalino's pet cc) Includes farmer trait & skill.
Talented Kids Sim Mods
Allows children to do all the same things as adults, including cooking, gardening, laundry, and selling.
Harvesting for Children and Toddlers
Allows children &/or toddlers to harvest food.
Harvestable Seasons Overrides
Tweaks harvestable details for more realism/immersion.
Harvestable Plants Overhaul
BrazenLotus Changes textures and meshes for certain harvestables to have wet leaf effects, working shadows, wind effects, etc
Base Game CAS Hide & Disable for Random
Starbeary Sims
Allows you to hide all or select base game items in CAS for easier scrolling. Things using those meshes still work!
CAS Hiders
Hides CAS items from base game, GF, Seasons, Vampires, RoM, LD & HC.
Automatic Beards
Allows beards to slowly grow over time. Sims can now trim or shave their beards.
Swim Around in Pools
Let your sims swim around without needing to do laps.
Gain Hygiene From Swimming
Swimming improves your sim's hygiene.
Royalty Mod
Adds a LOT of stuff if you want to play as royalty. Just go check it out!
Invisible Bassinet
Allows babies to be placed in cc cribs!
Much lower relationship gain when nanny arrives
Relationships between nannies and their charges now only get a +1 boost instead of a +20.
No homework to do - Always complete (Incl. University)
Nova JY
Homework is done automatically so sims do not need to do it themselves.
Breastfeed Toddlers!
Allows toddlers to continue to be breastfed.
No! Laundry Piles
Prevents sims from leaving laundry piles around.
Teen/Adult Romance
Allows for teens and adults to have romantic relationships, as they did in the past. Or to stop relationships stopping when one teen ages up before the other.
Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances
Many features such as differing fertility, infertility chances, pregnancy difficulty chances, teen pregnancy, etc.
Have Some Personality Please!
Includes many changes to romance, social interactions, autonomy, and woohoo.
Grade School from Home
Allows sim kids to be homeschooled, with two assignments per day.
Everyone Can Sleep Together
Allows sims of any relationship or age (sans babies & toddlers) to sleep in the same double bed.
Children can tend Craft Sales Table
Allows children to sell using City Living's craft sales table.
Auto Shorter Teens
Makes teens a little shorter than adults.
Functional Fruit Bowls
Fruit bowls! That you can actually eat fruit from!
MAC Cosmetics Hider
Hides MAC makeup from CAS & stops it from randomizing onto NPCs.
Clean Entire Lot (Cleaning Frenzy for All)
Iced Cream
Gives non-neat trait sims the ability to be focused for 3 hours for a "cleaning frenzy."
Psychic Sims!
Allows human sims to become psychic! Numerous emotional/need related powers included.